Saturday, June 28, 2008

Want to see a politician choke on national TV?

When I started seeing Obama's news machine in the Mt. Vernon, IL local paper I wondered who this kid was. I had already predicted Hillary for president in 2008 (this was in 2004) and didn't ever expect Obama ruining her party...wouldn't of believed it if someone told me. Anyway there IS something fishy here. I wonder why they ... our owners... picked Obama to lead us to hope?
I won't post any of the stupid stuff the lying liars lie about Obama... Terrorist fist jab, Obama's baby's mamma, going to a madrasa, won't put his hand on his heart, swore in on Koran, secret muslim, or ANY hate him cause he is black stuff. It is crap. But why him, why now? That is the real mystery and the key to our future.
I will vote for Obama before I will John McCain and that is a fact jack. If for no other reason is because Obama is more christain than McCain and would do more for others than John McCain will.
McCain was a freakin bomber guy... you know flatten a village from 1 mile away. WWJD?
Well anyway I am no Obama Lover By ANY MEANS, more like a McCAIN Hater. But this is scary...
    Openly pro-Obama Chris Matthews was surprised when the Obama campaign's own
    surrogates are left utterly stumped when asked to list his legislative accomplishments
    as a Senator.
       Want to see a politician choke on national TV?

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