Friday, July 04, 2008

Why I can't handle FOX NEWS

OK, I will just say this one time. Roger Ailes who runs Fox News was the POLITICAL ADVISOR for Richard Milhouse "I'm not a crook" Nixon. No matter what you think of him as president, leader or man - you know Nixon was a crook. Well Roger Ailes help him by coming up with dirty deeds. As a BOSS of Fox News he acts as the political arm for thug republicans.

Fox News is UNFair and UNBalanced and it aims to stay that way. What is orse is they know they can tell lies loudly and when busted say I am sorry once...and the lie stays out there.

Only watch Fox News if you are able to hold a 100% opposed view. If you can't be 100% the other side of FOX, you probably have your facts wrong...and you probably got the wrong facts from Fox News.

1 (yes just one, but I can present many more) example below. Watch the cheerleader and the Jock talk lies.

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