Sunday, July 06, 2008

Why I love Barak OBAMA

Okay, Okay I don't love Barak Obama. I don't know Barak, but I DO KNOW John McCain. He is a man-whore and he will be lead around buy the likes of Lieberman, Lindsey &* Phil Grahm, and other neocons.

I am ummm, left wing. I have been forced into a corner between them and us and I have chosen the corner with the blacks, poor, gay, atheist and every other creature the "christian" white people would wipe off the face of the earth. They are just doing God a favor I suspect.

If you can IGNORE all we know about McCain then love him and 8 more years of religious war and 8 more years of setting the middle class on par of Mexico and 8 more years of corporations owning your ass is every imaginable way.

Will Obama Suck? YES! Will McCain Suck? Yes!

Does John McCain deserve to be president of the United States of America ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you think he has 1 qualification PLEASE put it in the comments and we can see a nice thing about man-whore McCain.

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