Saturday, November 29, 2008

I just ate Turkey

and may not ever again. Americans and our ilk are sick-assed people as a whole. I mean that to the nth degree.
Maybe you don't like bleeding heart liberals (like me) but I am sure you are not a sick piece of &*%^
This ain't your Grandpappy's farm -  this is cold and cruel tourture via capitalism without ethics.
For my Christian friends, please remember God created turkeys for our pleasure. Man changed that when he
brought death to the world, but only the devil could devise our profit driven practices.
For the video
Yes it is PETA, get over it. If they are so wrong watch the video and then jump into your car and buy another turkey.
If you are a sissy and can't watch the video because you have a little decency left, please read more here:


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Curt, I do have a good question. Is there a brand of turkey we can buy where Turkeys are not mistreated? I know you are not a vegetarian, so where do you buy your meat.

  2. Hi ya and happy tday.

    To answer your question ... I do not know - but I will find out. I got a regular turkey (perdue or the like) and then I saw this. I knew we do bad stuff but
    somehow I can put it in the back of my mind.

    To buy a turkey that wasn't tortured from birth to death and get a "clean" bird, without tons of hormones and stress indused diease it needs to be "free range", which is a form of animal husbandry which allows them to live outside like they did in our grandpaps day.

    Notice the term husbandry...not industry. I got videos of the same kind of crap with pork, chicken, beef, etc. One shows men (monsters) shoving sick cows around with the forks of a forklift. It just isn't right.

    BUT jere is the rub:

    1 Whole Pastured Organic Turkey
    (Average weight 12.00 lbs.)
    12 lbs.
    Retail: $125.00
    Now: $75.00*

    Who can afford non-tortured turkeys?