Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busting Unions to Keep America Strong

As I assummed the whole deal with the  window factory was about getting rid of the Union. The Gov just happened to be screwed because he cut business with Bank of America and his number was pulled. meanwhile the Masters of the Universe corp dudes were moving 'quiet like' to Iowa where some meth smokin farmer or Mexican will work for food.
The most obvious clue of Republic's intentions was carried out very quietly. Weeks before Republic's closing, Echo Windows & Doors LLC was incorporated in Illinois. Chitown Daily News reported that Echo was incorporated in Iowa about one week later. Neither list Rich Gillman as the head of the business, but the Iowa incorporation is under his wife's name. Echo then proceeded to buy a window and door manufacturing plant in Red Oak, IA, previously owned by a faltering company called Traco.
What can ya do, but smile at the nerve of the blue bloods.

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