Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can Famine Come to America??

Maybe I am crazy or maybe it is everyone else.
I read. Too much, maybe. I am scared.
Banks are refusing farmers credit to plant their crops.
The cost of Diesel, seed and fertilizer is increasing too fast
States are broke
Treasury bills are paying .005%.
Boats and trains are full of cars and products that middlemen can't get credit to take delivery.
This means inflation and it means inflation like we have never seen it before. I suggest you forget every little whim
you have about every little thing and buy items you need for the next year or two or longer. Tell everyone you care about.
What do you need?
1) Clean water
2) Food that will keep without refridgeration
3) Cloths that will keep you warm
4) Manual tools of every sort
5) Protection. Not from some cave-dwelling muslim like the news and gov't types will try to sell you, but protection from your neighbors.
I pray that I am a lunatic that has been radicalized by the internet, I fear that I am not.

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  1. Hi Curt,
    your site is a lot more interesting than my national daily newspaper, that's for sure! If the news is bad, better to know the truth. I've just posted an article you might be interested in, though it might be a bit late, if you get my meaning. Cheers,