Monday, December 01, 2008

[CurtSpang] Why we are going to be hungry in 2009

We are going to be in trouble. Farmers have not received their insurance check from the flooding in the midwest this last season. There are multiple forces culminating that my be the worst case scenerio for us. Please stock up on food that has long hold times without refridgeration. Rice, drybeans, canned meats, fruits and vegatables.
Maybe I am wrong, but if I am right .. God help us.

" interests control every aspect of our lives. Modern agriculture cannot plant or harvest without massive lines of credt. More importantly that credit must be available at the right time of the year in order to purchase the diesel, hybrid seeds, fertilzer, pesticides and herbicides needed to prepare the fields, seed and fertilize them. If the credit is delayed a week or two the crop yield will be reduced or not mature to harvest as happened with this year's 2nd planting after the disasterous midwest floods."
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