Sunday, December 07, 2008

Honesty is the best policy

Whoever said that was a damn liar.
Want proof, just watch the video for an honest to goodness look at what the capitalist bastards are doing to us. They are destroying any form of humanity we have left and they are making millions (billions?) doing it. The video is entitled "Meet Your Meat" and it is a look at what has become of those old ineffecient family farms. Why would somebody raise healthy delious meat when they can work for disneyland and make oodles of money to buy bacon.
If you got the guts - watch this and think about it when you are at WALMART. Don't worry I am not asking  you to become a vegatarian, because Monsanto and Dow and the like has perverted your vegatable selections also. We are doomed. Your children and their children are doomed. We need to take control BACK like the French did during their bourgeois revolution.
What kind of monsters work in a place like in this video? Regular people that need to pay their mortgage and have slowly become desensitized. Sad, very sad.

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