Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Please respond with a YES OR NO - Why I blog

Please respond with a YES OR NO (see end of email for the question... this is not a joke)
I was talking about my blog the other day to a friend that I send postings to and he ask me "what is a blog?".  I ask him if he received my blogpost and he said no, but that he gets my emails. Well I explained that is my blosposts. I have several, my main one http://curtspang.blogspot.com, one that I put videos on http://vid3osp0t.blogspot.com and one I use for jokes (mainly corny ones that can be passed on to my grandma and charlie) http://hardeeha.blogspot.com/
Now I'll tell you briefly why I blog and why I send my postings to you. Briefly...
ALL OF TELEVISION AND RADIO NEWS ARE LYING LIARS TELLING LIES. Every single news source lies about some section of news. Most famously FOX News is jaded right and CNN jaded left (however MSNBC is shooting for that title). This is one of the biggest factors destroying our country and society, by polorizing one group at the expense of the other. I know I have been accused of being unamerican for my views.
It is obvious that MOST people turn to the station that says what the want to hear (I believe the biblical term is "tickle their ears") and avoid what they don't want to hear. Meanwhile the truth is not being served to either party. Either the truth is slanted or simply omitted or fake truths and issues are bantered about. I have soooooo many proofs of that I will not bother to even try, unless you ask me, then I'll be glad to.
Ok how brief was that :)
But I haven't told you WHY I blog.
Because I have found sources of truth. I am not saying I am magic or smart or have something millions of others don't have, but what about YOU? Are you allowing a multinational conglomerate with financial motives to filter and shade your opinion on a hourly, daily, weekly basis? IF YOU WATCH TV OR RADIO THE ANSWER IS YES. I am so sorry and maybe you know this, but please bear with me... remember this is about me, it is in the subject (see up there ^ ).
I knew about the financial meltdown LONG before any of you. Six months or more before you heard the first word on television, I was reading about it here http://www.dailyreckoning.com/ . TV didn't breath a word until it was too late and hundreds of billions needed to be spent. The REAL figure is near 8 Trillion dollars, yep $8,000,000,000,000.00. I know about the things our governmet was doing around the world and have been doing for decades.
Where do I get my super-secret information? BLOGS. The media lies about blogs also, by portraying them as people like me, poor, uneducated, out-of-the-loop, nobody as the "typical" blogger, but I don't READ my Blog I Write it. I read blogs written by educated experts that have information I coudn't ever access without the internet.
TV and Radio decides what I see & hear, on the internet I skip lightweight ignorant fluff that makes me feel good and I read stuff that scares the hell out of me.
Now, if you knew something I didn't wouldn't you show me? Well, probably not, but that is what makes us different. I want to share my scary knowledge with you. Gee thanks, you are thinking, but did you read my posting on the coming famine? Are we going to have a famine? I don't know, but for the first time in my life I am very concerned about it and I think you should be too. If I live because I am gardening and stashing rice and you starve I wouln't want to live.  Is that TOO MUCH?
Well what can I do? ......................... I have to leave this up to you. I am going to continue sending you those emails that make up my blog. You however can opt out. If you don't want to see my blog entries you must tell me so...... So I am asking you now, and I ask you ALL (if you get this email that means you) to send me a reply to THIS EMAIL. Please do not ignore this request because I will still send you the blog entries, but I will feel bad about it. I want to send them guilt free or to stop sending them.
I of course wan't a yes, because I have great fears for me, you and our country/future, but each person is in a different stage and mindstate. If you are uninterested in the blog entries or if it is too much to handle send me a NO. It will be cool, I'll will still love you :)
Do you want to get my blog posting, as you have been? It is YES or NO.

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