Sunday, December 07, 2008

SWAT Team Conducts Food Raid in Rural Ohio

I am losing too much respect for our "law enforcement" officers. Too many have clicked their brain in neutral and obey like robots. Maybe I am too leftist but I am NOT raiding a farm in America. NOT NEVER EVER FORGET IT!! Anyone that does is lower than scum, and needs to move back to RUSSIA, where they decide everything for you.
On Monday, December 1, a SWAT team with semi-automatic rifles entered the private home of the, herded the family onto the couches in the living room, and kept guns trained on parents, children, infants and toddlers, from approximately 11 AM to 8 PM. The team was aggressive and belligerent. The children were quite traumatized. At some point, the "bad cop" SWAT team was relieved by another team, a "good cop" team that tried to befriend the family. The Stowers family has run a very large, well-known food cooperative called Manna Storehouse on the western side of the greater Cleveland area for many years.
Ask youself, with all the problems facing America and families today, why SWAT and the USDA is raiding farms?
This family wants to eat food they can trust and are helping others to do likewise... you know the AMERICAN way, by your own bootstraps and not some box of shit at Mega-Walmart.
Does this look like the website of someone that needs guns pointed at them?
Are the fascist a little out of control? It appears that raids have been frequent in OMISH areas of PA because they like their milk raw (UNPASTERIZED) and that is against the law. Did you know that? Yep, big daddy watching out for you and will arrest you if you don't obey.

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