Tuesday, March 10, 2009

America is losing over 1/2 million jobs each month

and JP Morgan says Go to Hell. I know JP Morgan makes BIG $$$ administering payments for social security. So they take tax dollars and ship them to india (after they take their fat cut).
Beautiful. Don't blame Obama. Blame America and the Corporations. They take and stopped giving. You know WalMart is the largest contributor to public aid. Yep they have more employees that don't earn a living going to the governement trough. Yea WalMart and their government enablers.
Poor you having to pay for it ALL! TWICE! Does anyone know how many Billions JP Morgan took for "bailout"? Does Chuck Norris know about this?
BANGALORE: The second-biggest bank of the US, JP Morgan Chase, which acquired Washington Mutual and Bear Stearns recently, will increase its utsourcing to India by 25% this year to nearly $400 million. It will also manage the integration of the acquired companies from India to bring down the cost of integrating different information technology (IT) systems.

Right now, JP Morgan outsources $250-300 million worth of IT and back-office projects every year to Cognizant, TCS and Accenture, apart from to its own captive centre in Mumbai.
By the way they have a financial Information Technology shop in Mumbai. Isn't that where commandos drove boat on the beach and then shot the town up? Yep, I think it was.

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