Monday, April 27, 2009

Fw: New Pirate Hat ...

It is sad that we gloat over killing little kids from one of the poorest and shit upon countries on earth. I must be a bleeding heart, but all I can think of is the fact that we (white people, American & European) have raped Africa for diamonds, gold, people and countless rare materials (for our industry).
We have dumped waste and toxic waste off the shore of Africa (American , Russian and European countries) for DECADES.
People watch Fox News and other hate shows and they never consider the other side of the story.
For instance did you know that the PIRATE ring leader was :
1) 15 years old
2) 5 foot 2 inches tall
3) cried at his arraignment?
And the United States Navy with tens of thousands of men, billions of dollars worth of equipment and millions of hours of training - beat them. YEAH! WOO HOO. WE ROCK AND CAN BEAT EVERYONE. YEAH AMERICA! NEVER DO WE DO WRONG. GOD LOVES US AND HATES LITTLE POOR BLACK BOYS.
No, I am not for pirates, nor am I anti-American until that America becomes so depraved that they would find ANY joy whatsoever in the deaths of CHILDREN - Even bad children and even colored children. Can the Christian Nation please sing- Jesus loves the little children. And while you are singing picture Jesus' face as his child gets a bullet in the brain and his head explodes. With that said - ENJOY!

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