Sunday, October 04, 2009

Comment On: Why Are We Unable To Resist?

The below poem/song was a comment I found on a blog I was reading that is studying why we allow the government and corporations to tread on us, with out resistance. How did we become so uninterested in the real (govt giving bankers 700 billion of your childrens money) and can only focus on the unreal (fantasy football, games, tell-lie-vision, porn, the internet, etc.). At what point will most Americans get so mad they build crazy bulldozer attack machines.
It is scary, but I think it is true, please read it.
Author: jp
Here is how I translate what is going on:


A pervasive ethos is infusing itself amongst the young
It is as though they care for no one
Or for no one thing
From where does this apathy ring?

Could it be they see through the illusion?
Or, disoriented by the confusion.
Created by the stance of each faction
Philosophies split down the middle – numbing all action

Observance of world conditions suggest ciaos
Battles here, ethnic cleansing there – lives lost
Natural disasters of mega proportion
Could too be blamed for their mental distortion

Constant reports of global disasters
24 HOUR NEWS: pandemics, AIDS, annihilation coming ever faster
Enough to close down any ambitions of mind
Thinking there is limited time

So to what end will this all lead?
If all future minds into apathy, recede
Giving opportunity for ambitious few to lead
Leaving the rest as source for their feed

Who will take up the charge?
What matter will shake up this pervasive lethargy?

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