Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Ending of American Arrogance

Shanghi Cooperative Organization (China, Russia & Iran) is out to knock out America's privledged position in international transactions. The dealio is that we are dependent on those trillions of dollars being used. Otherwise the mega $$$ comes home to destroy us.
....So, remember the POLICE STORMTROOPERS for the NEW WORLD ORDER displaying their power in Pittsburg? They were screwing us, not protecting us. Foreign invaders were plotting against us at the G20 to make a new world currency.


  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    very informative.
    the obscure truth, being delivered, by the foreign media. Too bad the US media cannot give us the truth about our own country.
    thanks again & keep up the good work


  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    hey WD, thanks for the comment!

    I am wondering though if it is unpatriotic to say the truth on foreign media, when that truth is so harsh