Sunday, October 11, 2009


If you have 12 minutes please watch this clip of fake man Sean Hannity and christian American Michael Moore. Try to put aside the hate that tell-lie-vision has bombarded you with for years. Just open your own ears and see who is consistent and who FAKES HIS AMERICAN/CHRISTIAN values.
When people ask how could the people let the Nazi's do this or do that - the answer is simple. With egotistical hatred and a feeling of smug rightousness. Hannity says he went to church, yet can't remember the message. He didn't go, but he still acts far superior and rightous.
The heathen communist Moore remembered the message, about loving the least of man. Hannity responds he loves them and when Moore ask if AQ was included he wanted to love them to death. So the WWJD answer was murder...murder from an unmanned predator drrone. Unmanned is the optimum word.
Hannity is like the family values senator in the mens room looking for a date.
Score is Beck is a faker
and hannity a poser. IMHO

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