Friday, October 02, 2009


Yes we have 3 wars going on, we are broke, our American way of life is slipping away, our countries infrastructure is falling apart, we are broke and I THINK TERRORIST ARE AFTER US, but we still have the time, money and energy to extradite a guy from Canada that sells pot seeds over the internet. REALLY?
It is our fault for not demanding that we STOP spending 100 Billion DOLLARS PER YEAR on the war on Drugs (ONE TRILLION DOLLARS SO FAR).
Screw that war, it is stupid and we have lost it. Pot is EVERYWHERE and we will never stop it.... Who wants to?
Cops with gun and preachers that somehow read in the Bible that pot is bad and you will go to hell for smoking it. God made this evil plant and by God he will help us wipe it out.

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