Saturday, October 03, 2009

Why do Conseratives and republicans HATE America??

Watch these disgusting people CHEER that America was out of the Olympics.
Maybe they can get OBAMA really good and our soldiers can all get killed. Then they can
cheer at OBAMA failure.
These UNAmerican people are so driven by their HATE (same as christian love)
they blame OBAMA. Of course they can't read or they would know the MAIN
reasons that we did not get the Olympics is:
1) the international world is upset that we bomb civilians, schools and hospitals
..yes they are just sissy's
2) we have had a large share of yhe games here
3) It is TOO hard to get into America and they have to disclose too much personal
and not revelant information to come in. Because we are fascist.
If you cheer because we did not get the Olympics - shame on you. Oh and maybe
TURN OFF THE Tell-Lie-Vision and read some truth... just sayin. You are being
programmed by Satan, oh and the US government.. and liberals.

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